Andor Episode 5 Sets Up 3 Post-OT & Star Wars Sequel Stories


Warning! This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 5.Andor season 1, episode 5 contains several nods to stories taking place after the original trilogy, setting up events in the sequel era of the Star Wars timeline. While Andor takes place five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the events of both projects are majorly important to the future of the Star Wars galaxy. For this reason, it makes sense for the show to be dropping subtle hints at events that take place in the future, even if the show will not directly address these proceedings.


One of the storylines of Andor season 1, episode 5, “The Axe Forgets, involves a character introduced in episode 4: Dedra Meero, who is an officer in the Imperial Security Bureau. Throughout Andor episodes 4 and 5, she is shown to be convinced that the various activities against the Empire across the galaxy are somehow connected, making her one of the few Imperial officers who suspect that a wider Rebellion is at hand.

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In Andor season 1, episode 5, Dedra Meero has a conversation with one of her colleagues regarding her theory, mentioning three different planets that all have connections to the sequel trilogy era of Star Wars. These planets are Jakku, Fondor, and Hosnian Prime. Here is how each reference foreshadows their respective post-original trilogy stories.

Andor Sets Up The Battle Of Jakku & Its Sequel Importance

The most overt reference to the sequel era in Andor season 1, episode 5 is the mention of Rey’s home planet, Jakku, which is seen at the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is the first time that something that takes place before A New Hope mentions the planet, providing a neat link between the Empire era and the sequel trilogy. Within the context of “The Axe Forgets” and the Imperials searching for signs of the Rebellion, Jakku’s mention provides some foreshadowing for one of the major final battles between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, as depicted in the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The Battle of Jakku takes place in 5 ABY, shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. It was seen by Imperials as their final stand against the fledgling New Republic that formed out of the Rebel Alliance. After the death of the Emperor at the hands of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the command of the Empire fell to Counselor Gallius Rax, who ordered a concentration of remaining Imperial forces to Jakku. These forces were met and defeated by the New Republic, marking the official end of the Galactic Empire. The mention of Jakku in Andor episode 5, while not necessarily important to the plot of the show, foreshadows the final days of the Empire after the original trilogy.

Andor’s Fondor Reference Connects To Palpatine’s Operation: Cinder

Operation: Cinder is another post-original trilogy story from the game Star Wars: Battlefront II that also gets a nod in Andor season 1, episode 5. Operation: Cinder is also referenced in The Mandalorian and was the failsafe plan by Emperor Palpatine that, upon his death, there would be an orbital bombardment of worlds loyal to the Empire as punishment for not preventing his demise. These events caused the deaths and disillusionment of Imperial agents on an untold scale and destroyed most remnants of the Empire before the rest were defeated at the Battle of Jakku a year later.

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Andor episode 5 has a subtle reference to Operation: Cinder with Dedra Meero’s conversation including mention of Fondor. This planet contained a space station within its orbit that housed satellites crucial for Operation: Cinder to be carried out. These satellites were acquired with the help of Inferno Squad, which led to Operation: Cinder’s success. The mention of Fondor is a great Easter egg in Andor episode 5 for any viewers aware of Operation: Cinder and the planets involved in its execution.

Andor Keeps Mentioning Hosnian Prime (To Finally Make It Matter)

One of the last planets mentioned in Dedra Meero’s meeting is Hosnian Prime, which was also mentioned previously in Andor episode 4. Hosnian Prime is massively important to the state of the galaxy after the original Star Wars trilogy. The planet is the galactic capital of the New Republic and is shown briefly in the sequel film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While this is vitally important to the sequel trilogy, mainly, the movies failed to convey the importance of the planet beyond the attack by Starkiller Base’s giant Death Star-like weapon, which destroys Hosnian Prime and the other planets in its system.

The references to the planet in Andor episodes 4 and 5 are likely included in order to retroactively make Hosnian Prime more important to the galaxy as a whole so that its inclusion in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is made more impactful. While Hosnian Prime, for now at least, has no major importance to Andor‘s story, it is good to see the creators behind the series including niche references to the wider Star Wars universe that flesh out the post-original era stories.

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