Absurdism | The best way to Social gathering on the Finish of Which means ☄️

New book of depressing poems: https://tinyurl.com/27fdfh63 (you may need to change your region)

Link for those uninterested in depressing poems: https://youtu.be/-UYgORr5Qhg

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Music used ►

All three tracks are by the wonderful La Fanforale du Douzbekistan:

Ako Umram: https://youtu.be/YwuV59VkC-k
Tsialo Liato: https://youtu.be/q9bz8sJcISQ
And Stepil Dobri: https://youtu.be/uVTjN8QtD-Q

For those interested in absurdism outside of 10 minute pop-philosophy videos, I’d strongly recommend giving The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays a read. It’s a great way in. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11987.The_Myth_of_Sisyphus_and_Other_Essays