60+ Greatest Toys for Children

Babies are fickle, fickle little creatures and honestly, that’s a big part of their charm. The toys they want are always changing, and it can be seriously hard to keep up with what trends are cool and what’s “ugh, so lame, mom.” Thankfully, there are people whose job it is to find out what our kids need before it’s sold and goes to the price of a small car on eBay.

This year, the trends at Toy Fair were very exciting, tending towards the surprise and magic of all things, but the latest blind box toys have been updated to include surprises that are truly part of the play experience and not just the unveiling of the toy. There are also tons of toys based on television shows like Bluey, Baby Shark, and Gabby’s Dollhouse. Our own Toy of the Year Awards Show that magic and animals are a huge trend!

The games are also making a big comeback after taking a turn in 2021 – which was probably a coup against all. Board games We all played in 2020.

We know these lists are really overwhelming, but we’re getting there. It’s our job to go through the lists, cross-check them against each other, and decide what your kids are. indeed Want and so far? Pretend play, Magna-tiles and classics like Barbies And board games are making the biggest splash.

While we’re not ashamed to admit that we pumped our own kids for intel, it’s not an approach we recommend you take. We got hours-long answers about what game this YouTuber likes, what toy this TikTokker plays, and what toy this Twitch streamer just reviewed. Those are precious hours of our lives that we will never get back, but hey, it was priceless for us to hear recommendations from the kids themselves.

We’ve put together these lists ourselves, as well as using our own research and experiences to share the very best, most exciting, and totally trending toys for kids that they’ll love.


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