2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Reveals Newfound Size in Spy Pictures

  • We managed to spy the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander at a testing site near our Michigan office.
  • The extra length is immediately noticeable in photos. It seems Toyota is planning to slot the new three-row SUV to its lineup for the 2024 model year, filling the space between the standard Highlander and full-sized Sequoia.
  • The full reveal of the Grand Highlander is scheduled for February 8 at the Chicago auto show.

Toyota is prepping for the reveal of its new Grand Highlander SUV at the Chicago auto show on February 8. The teaser it revealed last week gave us a glimpse at the styling direction, but didn’t show much in terms of size. Luckily, we managed to snap a few pictures of a heavily camouflaged version, which give us a better understanding of the Grand Highlanders newfound length.

2024 toyota grand highlander spy photos

GLENN PAULINA|Car and Driver

2024 toyota grand highlander spy photos

Glenn Paulina|Car and Driver

We won’t have a full comprehension of the Grand Highlander’s size until we see one up close and check out a spec sheet, but from the spy photos we captured, it’s clear Toyota’s new mid-size SUV experienced a substantial growth spurt compared with the standard Highlander. The front end looks boxy, though its hard to make out details with the car wrapped up like a Christmas present. We expect Toyota stretched the wheelbase for the new SUV as a way to improve third-row space without detracting from cargo volume. The rear overhang looks to have grown as well, hopefully indicative of increased storage space.

2024 grand highlander spy photos

GLENN PAULINA|Car and Driver

We expect the Grand Highlander to come standard with the 265-horsepower turbo-four found in the current 2023 Highlander. We know from the original teaser that it will receive some version of Toyota’s Hybrid Max drivetrain, which seems likely to be the same 340 horsepower hybrid system found on the Crown sedan.

We’re still in the dark about the interior. Toyota could be planning on sprucing up the Highlander’s interior and making it more luxurious in addition to more spacious. The cabin, plus other specs and information, will be revealed in a few months at the Chicago auto show when the Grand Highlander makes its official debut.

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